Be careful of that middle finger

Greg’s middle finger gesture has raised a lot of controversy. Ganguly’s fans are outraged. Greg is now literally a prisoner in Eden, surrounded by rings of security cover, while the allegation remains disputed.(update)

I’m bewildered. Why can’t they take a harmless gesture? Although I’m sure this gesture is going to be seen in other ways: “Aussie attack on our nation,” jingoists would say. Nevertheless, given the fact that these were the same fans who burnt effigies of More, shouted slogans against Dravid; why should they get offended by a middle finger gesture?

Anyways, the funniest part of this controversy is the team management’s excuse:

“I have spoken to Chappell. He told me that while giving fielding practice to the players, he injured a finger. He was only attending to the finger in the team bus,” said Indian team’s media manager M Baladitya to newspersons.
Indian Express

Yeah right! This is how one attends to his finger:

Flickr Photo

Couldn’t get any funnier!


Download the video (1.2MB)

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