A hope against hope

I often crib about disconnect between our society and the education system. This disconnect, however, has certain advantages: While every nerve and sinew of our society is infested with corruption, our “idealist” education system does manage to churn out a few individuals like Manujnath and Saytendray Dubey. This idealism and disconnect gives us hope. Machan and Dubey are beacons of this hope.

Satyendra Dubey was from IIT. He could have gone anywhere and taken the safe options when confronted with a wrongdoing. But he joined the public sector National Highway Authority of India and got murdered for speaking up against the contractor mafia. Manjunathan Shanmugham was from IIM. He, too, had the choice of a cosy job in the private sector where the most dangerous threat is to one’s annual bonus. But Shanmugam joined the public sector IOC and lost his life to the oil mafia. (Indian Express)

I’ve spent my formative years of adulthood in dorms and campuses – more or less insulated. I still continue to lead that life. Probably that’s why I find it difficult to simulate what I’d do if I were to be in Manchan’s or Dubey’s situation. Thinking about the numerous constraints imposed by the society, many concede defeat going by the “If you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy. I can just hope against hope that I would not do the same.