Is there anybody out there?

I’m not sure if you share this feeling. Every morning, as I browse through the newspaper, it feels as if I already know what’s gonna be in it. I switch to TV, looking for some excitement. The same feeling again. Things have become so predictable!

I ultimately end up relying on my morning tea to wake up me fully.

However, the best part is my drive to work. It’s like playing a video game where you got to manoeuvre your car through myriads of obstacles. Every day is a new challenge, a new way to beat the traffic and reach office in time. That wakes me up! May be I’ll write about Bangalore traffic jams some other day. They are quite notorious if you didn’t know about them already.


It’s been a long time indeed since these blog’s got updated. I’m not sure if you guys are still tuned in. Whoever is, let me ask you this. “How have you been doing?” πŸ˜€