Lenovo thinking about Linux

A while back, on Dell’s adoption of Linux for its home user segment, I had said:

Dell happens to be the number 1 PC maker in the US. It won’t be wrong to assume that other PC manufacturers would mimic Dell’s strategy.

And guess what, now Lenovo has this to say in its blog:

… One of our competitors has done so and it seems to be working out for them. (I won’t say who, because every time I mention a competitor by name, you should see the five-alarm fire that erupts over here. You all know who I’m talking about though.)


It also mentions:

… we’re spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not enough on the enthusiast market. Enterprises have been, and will continue to be, slow to adopt Linux for some of the reasons I outlined, but there are nonetheless a LOT of people running Linux out there, especially on their ThinkPads.

Lenovo has started a poll asking users to vote for their favorite distros which they want to see officially supported for their Thinkpads. Go ahead vote for your distros!

All thanks to Vista! Thank you Microsoft, you’re finally going to help us get rid of Bug #1.