Dailytimes Hacked

Just got this via email (thanks Ayesha). It seems the website of leading Pakistani daily Dailytimes got hacked yesterday. The exact time and the duration of operation is unclear, but the site is back up and running today.

The hackers posted the following message:

“hack3d by ic3d r0s3 :):) greetz to (linuxg0d) ,(savechanges) ,(pagefault) and old whackerz crew;;;;;; to PHA and yeah to the criticized one (abunasar) : keep it up kid;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and still after 2 yrs ………….. — THIS IS THE END BEAUTIFUL FRIEND ?? ;;;;; Mr. Mush PLz GOOOOOOOOO;)”

Apparently the hackers were of Pakistani origin, and their message seems to be directed against Musharraf.

Will update this post in a bit.

Update: Blogosphere coverage

Update 2:

It’s 11:26AM IST, DailyTimes has been hacked again, apparently by the same hackers. The same message has been posted

http _dailytimes.com.pk_