So I’ve been tagged  by raindreamer. I usually give tags a miss, but this one I feel like taking up.

I’ve to list 7 blogs that I like, though I’m just going to mention three. ( Argh! what’s with these tags and the number seven? )

Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind (RTDM): The thing I like the most about greatbong’s blog is that it highlights and glorifies subaltern cultures within India, the ones that are usually despised for the sake of sophistication. Greatbong makes them palatable for the ‘sophisticated junta’. Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The humorous seasoning that comes with each post makes you wanna read more and more of the same.

All Things Pakistan: Simply the best thing to happen to the South Asian blogosphere. A nice mix of culture and politics topped up with honesty, passion and occasional humor. Although the USP of the blog is the community that surrounds it — ranging from extreme left to far right. You may be done reading a post, but you keep coming back for the never-ending discussions that follow (much to the misery of the moderators 😉 ).

The Spinster chronicles: Amazingly candid. “The story of a single woman in her 30s travelling through these modern days; sometimes funny, other times serious, always real.” Very real indeed! One would assume that the blog’s posts, which are really honest personal expressions, would give an insight in to the writer. But in reality these posts give an insight into one’s own self. At this juncture some would say “key to understanding others is understanding one’s own self truly”

There are many more, but my stamina only permits three per post 😛

err … who do I tag next?

zeebee I guess? ( I am determined to break the number 7 rule 😀 )