Minorities and minority opinion

A lot of people confuse democracy with majority rule, the latter being only one of the pillars of the former. The other pillar is minority rights. In a very simplistic way I say that democracy is actually a dynamic equilibrium between these two pillars ( I use the word equilibrium because bad things happen if it ceases to be so)

I am a fan of nature, and the way it works. And the best thing that we have learnt from nature is ‘natural selection’. In a very very old post of mine, I had said:

Einstein had said “the only constant in life is change”. This philosophy is embodied in Nature itself. Going by the theory of evolution (my apologies to people of the book(s)), selection and reproduction are accompanied by crossover and mutation. While selection helps in getting the best out of existing alternatives, mutation(change) helps in exploring better alternatives – thus improving the overall race. This concept has been successfully applied in optimization applications in the form of Genetic Algorithms.
In short, resisting change would lead to stagnation or may be deterioration.

And there lies one of the reasons why minorities are important.

However, when I use the word ‘minorities’ I not only use it for communities, but also for ideologies and opinions — each aspect being equally important for the reasons mentioned above.

Protection of minorities and minority opinions leads to a diverse society with diverse opinions.

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