Whither Democracy?

Aqil, at pakistaniat.com, has an extensive post on the need for democratization of political parties in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the political parties are not interested in such reforms. Even the much hyped charter of democracy, (which did contain some constructive proposals on the independence of the judiciary, the election commission and the national accountability bureau) was lacking in any useful points on the above mentioned issues. And with Benazir’s negotiations with Musharraf for a deal, even this somewhat limited charter of democracy is now effectively dead.

Surprisingly, if you look at the so called ‘democratic’ India, almost all political parties lack an institution based approach in their management. Almost each and every party has what’s called as ‘supremo’. Sonia Gandhi for Congress, Jayalalitha for AIADMK and so on.

Ironically I see only the Leftists adopting an institution based approach.