Looking eastwards

Nita has a really nice post about increased alienation of people from north eastern(N-E) India( I’m not sure if it’s as much of a problem in eastern India)

However one thing remains a fact: we don’t get to see many N-E people in the national media(I don’t remember the last time I saw one). The national media, I think, plays a huge role in acclimatizing us towards different subcultures within India, although most of the time it’s caricatured ( I guess you can’t have it all!)

Hopefully upcoming movie Chak De India would set a trend. It’s about Indian Women’s Hockey with two players from the N-E (Mizoram and Manipur). The official movie website had this to say:

The talented hockey duo from the North East. Their school books taught them that they are Indians but Indians taught them otherwise. The only reason they play for the National team is that it is the only National team they can play for. They would love to belong but not to the team that calls them ‘foreign’, and definitely not to the people that call them ‘loose’. So they stick together and play. For the love of the game and the honour of their people.

So I guess they take note of this issue too.