Farewell Mr. President

As the end of the presidential poll for APJ’s successor draws near, one wonders, “would we ever have a president like him?”

Even though 72% of Indians wanted him back, but it’s the politicians who elect the president stupid!

Any ways, just as a tribute to his presidency I’d like you guys to read one of my favorites quotes from Kalam:

Wherever I go, youngsters ask me: Mr. President, tell me. You are planning a knowledge society. You are talking of a developed India. But in a country that is not transparent, that is so corrupt, how do you expect all this development? See it happened in Orissa. The same question I faced. A 10th class boy asked me “How can you do development work in a corrupt world?”


Immediately I asked the mother sitting by his side: “Would you like to clarify your son’s question? “No… no,…this boy is a fantastic fellow. He studies well but he has asked you a question bigger than himself,” she said. I then put the question to the teacher. “This boy always stands first in the class, but he should not have asked that question” was his reply. Whom do you go and ask the question then? So I tried to answer the question. See, only three people can remove corruption in this country. I can have hundreds of state laws; our chief ministerji can make a number of laws, similarly our law minister at Centre they can make laws. It is not possible to eradicate corruption. Only three people can remove corruption –father, mother and the primary school teacher.