Netflix, Motorcycle diaries

Imagine going to a movie rental store(like Hollywood or Blockbuster), undecided on the movie to pick; ultimately picking up a random movie based on its cover, only to discover that it’s a cheaply made B-grade movie.

This is where Netflix beats any movie rental library hands down.

The Netflix service has improved a lot over the years. Not only has it become cheaper but it also provides a whole lot of movies that you can watch online on demand. Each movie is tagged with numerous member reviews(along with critic reviews and trailers) so that you don’t accidentally end up renting a crappy movie. If you had tried Netflix before and were unhappy with their service, I would strongly recommend you to give it another shot.

I recently rented The Motorcycle Diaries(Diarios de motocicleta) based on the reviews. The movie is based on actual diaries written by Che Guevara while he was on a journey through Latin America on a motorcycle with his friend Alberto Granado. This journey is considered as a significant turning point in Che’s life where his revolutionary beliefs got matter and form.


I had heard a lot about Che, both good and bad. But ideologies aside, what I really wanted to know is how he got motivated.

The movie is superbly made, backed by thought provoking narration, breathtaking scenery of rural Latin America, and last but not the least, haunting background score. Do check out the songs Apertura, Chipi Chipi andย De Usuahia A La Quiaca in particular. You can also listen to the background songs at Rhapsody.

More thoughts on the movie later.

Oh btw the movie is in Spanish (but I think the English subtitles have done justice, based on the little Spanish I know courtesy of living in a Mexican neighborhood).

edit: I’ve updated song links.