Open your ears!

After reading this passionate email, I have nothing but empathy for this poor guy. I share his frustrations.


The music licensing system today is draconian. They treat consumers like sheep, dictating where and how they should listen to the music they buy. ‘Sheep’ doesn’t quite cut it. ‘Prisoner’ is more apt; prisoners locked in the license loop.


If that’s not enough, the popularity of music nowadays seems to be determined by the amount of money spent by big music labels on aggressive marketing. How else could Paris Hilton muster enough courage to make a music album of her own?

And while Paris did manage to sell some albums showcasing her pathetic voice, there are thousands of awesome musical talents who are still lying untapped. Do we have to rely on big music companies to give these musicians a chance? Should music companies decide for us what’s good an what’s not?

This is where technology should be put to use — not on draconian licensing. And it’s already happening. Jamendo is one of such initiatives which has come up with an awesome concept that’s totally worth checking out.

There’s still hope left for quality music. Open your ears!