Google please don’t be evil

The past few weeks have had pretty spicy developments.

The nature and speed of the Pakistani blogosphere’s reaction to the recent ouster of the Chief Justice of Pakistan has been pretty impressive. The amount of insightful discussions generated per post is phenomenal.

Back home, Google has entered into a naughty agreement with the Mumbai police regarding disclosure of IP addresses of people visiting Amit and Neha have details regarding the same.

Given the fact happens to be the second most visited website in India (Alexa website ranking), it’s not hard to understand why Google caved in; though this in no way justifies their move.

The two developments I just talked about might seem unrelated, but I see an uncanny link.

If Google compromised in China and India, there’s nothing to believe that it won’t do the same in Pakistan. Google currently might not have a large business presence in Pakistan, and for the very same reason, the Pakistani administration might not have much of an influence over Google’s policies in the country. But this is bound to change sooner or later.

The current administration in Pakistan seems to be quite insecure about dissenting voices. The prolonged blogger block, temporary banning of a popular talk show, systematic censorship of news articles in print media are just a few examples of its intolerance. It’s a scary thought to imagine Google entering into a similar deal with Pakistani administration.

I just hope the awesomely outspoken Pakistani blogosphere takes note and starts preparing in advance.

(Image: processblack)