Have you tried out Yahoo pipes yet?

PipesIf you thought site feeds were just for newsreaders and aggregators, think again. Yahoo pipes offers you a tool to mash up different site feeds to generate ‘new’ content.

For example, this pipe lets you pull out images from Flickr based on each news item in New York Times. Cool, isn’t it?

What’s even better is that every pipe is public. That means you are free to clone and edit any pipe so that you could do something similar or build upon the same. I cloned the above pipe to show images from Flickr for every post on my blog. (The Yahoo content analysis module that I used in the pipe is still in Beta, so don’t be surprised if the images are way off.)

It’s been a while since Yahoo! came out with something edgy. Would Yahoo Pipes bring back the lost glory? Only time will tell.

If you have no idea what site feeds are, and want a brief introduction to how they came into existence, check this video out: