“Samjhauta” with security

While the newspapers are busy speculating about the culprits behind the Samjhauta express blasts, and sometimes giving due coverage to politico soundbytes, news of value happens to be a rare commodity.

But sometimes one does get lucky. I happened to come across this on Rediff:

“Tightening security measures at the Old Delhi Railway Station, Railways has decided not allow entry of people other than passengers at the platform from where the Samjhauta Express leaves for Pakistan.

two CCTV cameras have been installed on platform 18, from where the Samjhauta Express leaves. More personnel will also be deployed on the train,”

Now why does this sound familar? Oh wait, just 9 months ago we had this:

Leaving no room for chance in the wake of the serial blasts in Mumbai trains, the Railway Ministry is considering the installation of more closed circuit televisions (CCTV) and metal detectors at all important railway stations.

“We will arrange for closed circuit TV surveillance, sniffer dogs and metal detectors at all important railway stations,” Railway Minister Lalu Prasad told mediapersons here on Thursday.

Ministry officials said that CCTVs had already been installed at nine stations and the target was to extend this surveillance to 49 other stations this year.

He said that his ministry was exploring all possible means to beef up security for rail passengers.

Unfortunately the deadly Mumbai train blasts were just good enough to wake up the Western railways. The Samjhauta blasts couldn’t do much, as the Government has decided to install CCTVs on only one platform (from the quoted rediff article).

Apparently, it seems that the Government finds it necessary to install such security measures only when a blast occurs. Hence, the rest of the nation can just wait for their turn like sitting ducks.

Also, check out this IBN video, which shows the state of security at the Old Delhi railway station.