On Newsworthiness

It’s been a while since Shilpa Shetty won the Celebrity Big brother title. I hoped ‘Thank God! Finally it’s come to an end’. But no! The media is relentless! It’s sincerely following it up!

Would you MSM guys give me a break?

You were kind enough to get into the nitty gritty of the whole Shilpa racism issue (a blown up hogwash), whereas it took you full 3 months to report the Kherlanji massacre, which happens to be a reflection of the worst form of racism: casteism in India. Had it not been for blogs, the story would have never been told. It finally did get reported, but the story is now lost in oblivion.

Why didn’t you media guys follow-up on this, with the same zeal that you had for the Shilpa story? Is a hot-tempered argument more newsworthy than a massacre?

I guess I’m expecting too much from these guys. Bunch of idiots!