Powerpuff Girls

The first all-female U.N. peacekeeping unit, made up of 103 women from India, arrived in Liberia on Tuesday to help the West African nation recover from 14 years of on-and-off civil war. Washington Post

These women belong to the elite Rapid Action Force (RAF) of India, that was created by the Government in 1991 specifically to respond to large scale communal riots.

Their duties in Liberia would include training of local police and ensure security in the upcoming local elections.

And to understand the motivation behind sending an all-female peace keeping unit, BBC outlined UN police adviser Mark Kroeker’s views:

UN police advisor Mark Kroeker, who has served with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than 30 years, says the presence of women in UN missions enhances their access to vulnerable populations.

“It also sends a message to the post-conflict societies where we work that women officers can have any position and play any role in a police organisation,” he said.

The RAF has earned a pretty good reputation in effectively responding to communal riots in India. And trust me, if they can handle communal riots in India, Liberia would be a cake walk. Moreover, as Nitin Pai of Acorn  says (and I sure hope he didn’t have first hand experience 😛 ):

Messing with Indian women is a bad idea. Liberian thugs may be the latest ones to find this out.