A Certain Post

As I look around, I see a striking resemblance between my laptop and my room — both are equally messy. And quite often the realization comes quite late, leading to hours of work to bring things back in order. Deleting icons, moving files, re-arranging books, emptying dustbins, taking out trash. Days of laziness followed by a few hours of hard work -I’m OK with that.

People say, being organized leads to better productivity. Does it take a toll on creativity? I don’t know; never tried to be either. That brings me to uncertainty:

Uncertainty is like a spice, the spicier the better. For every uncertainty in success, there’s uncertainty in failure. It gives you hope; it makes you humble; it’s a great leveler. It’s good to have faith in uncertainty(fellow vedantist Heisenberg would agree).

‘nuf nonsense already.