A moderate Muslim’s dilemma

Discovered two interesting posts at the indianmuslims.in blog. Both deal with an important but often ignored issue: the insecurities and dilemmas faced by Indian Muslims.

The first post is by Sharique, who starts with a straight forward question “How easy is it to be a Muslim among the non-Muslims?”; a question that can be best answered by an Indian muslim than anyone else in my opinion; and Sharique does a good job at that. An interesting post with a very nice conclusion:

Getting socially involved is an absolute must for a country like India which has a such huge diversity in culture. This social interaction narrows the existing divide. People get to know each others view point about topics ranging from religion to politics.

I can’t agree more! If you observe the demographics of most communally sensitive places of
India, you’ll notice that these localities have segregated communities i.e. hindus and muslims have their own separate muhallas (I had made an attempt to understand the reason for this segregation earlier).

The second post is a close to heart personal account by Noemaun. He describes his insecurities and apprehensions as he grew up, and how he dealt with them.

Kudos to indianmuslims.in, I’m looking forward to more posts like these!

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