Police reforms revisited

There seems to be some movement in police reforms in India. In my earlier post I didn’t emphasize that the Supreme Court had actually set a deadline for implementing the reforms (Id had rightly asked about the same). I stumbled upon this news report:

The Supreme Court, in a landmark judgment, has ruled that the Centre, states and Union Territories must comply with its directive and implement police reforms by January 3. Meghalaya has already made a move towards implementing police reforms. The Telegraph

Orissa has made some progress too:

The Orissa Government has decided to separate investigation and maintenance of law and order in the Twin Cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in the first phase as per the recent judgment of the Supreme Court on police reforms… newindpress.com

Besides this, I haven’t found anything about the status in other states.

Would update this post as more reports surface.

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