ISRO continues to surprise!

India wants to set up the “Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System” (IRNSS), that would be totally under its control. Under the other systems, denial of access to satellite signals or the degrading of signal accuracy, especially in a conflict situation, remains a distinct possibility.

When implemented, the IRNSS would provide positional accuracy similar to the GPS system for 1,500 km around the country, according to the Notes on Demands for Grants from the Department of Space. A configuration with eight satellites was being studied, say officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The Hindu

Although it’s to be noted that India already has huge money invested in GLONASS and GALILEO($350 million) (check my earlier post on this).

According to this report, India is going to spend $316 million and start launching operations as early as 2008. The entire constellation is expected to be in place by 2011.

This post happens to be the third in the space hegemony series (may be I should create a category now).

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