Unfortunately many blogging platforms (Blogger being one of them) don’t publish feeds for comments. There’s no way to track comments unless you have a way of reminding yourself to periodically visit that post to check for new comments. This is laborious and irksome. Moreover, if you post occasional comments while on your daily visit to random blogs, it’s all the more difficult to retrace your path back to check if someone else has responded to your comments. You may bookmark those posts, but you would still need to check each and every bookmarked post.

Even if we did have comment feeds (like in wordpress blogs), subscribing to them through a newsreader can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially if the blog gets a lot of traffic.

Blog comments are as important as blog posts. They bring out the diversity of opinions on a particular topic. We have email clients for checking mails, Aggregators for checking blog updates; we need a separate tool for checking comment updates.

Thankfully we have a solution in the form of cocomment. From their website:

coComment helps you

  • track all comments you make on blogs and other comment enabled platforms
  • track the comment based conversations you are involved in, as well as those you want to follow as an observer

Keep track of your web based comments and conversations. You don’t need a blog to find this service useful! As a registered user, whenever you leave a comment on a compatible platform (see here for the ever growing list of platforms we support) coComment will automatically begin tracking the resulting conversation stream – updating you whenever someone adds a follow up comment. If you don’t make a comment, you can still have coComment track a comment stream if you are interested in following the discussion as a reader.


Just what I needed! 😀