Kabul Express

The wait is over! Saw the movie today.

As usual, no spoilers, just some highlights.

To begin with, the movie explores unexpected areas. For example the depiction of the dilemma faced by Pakistani soldiers post 9/11 was convincing(I hope).

It equally bashes the Talibs and the US, with some Pakistan bashing here and there (though I have a feeling that Kabul Express CD’s would sell a lot in Pakistan).

The haunting appeal of the war ravished afghan terrain, coupled with an excellent background score , makes you yearn for more. Thankfully there are no songs(or item numbers) in the movie. The movie is 2 hours long, but never slows down for a second.

Kabul Express 1

The interplay between the 5 main characters was fantastic.

Depiction of a sad outcome of gruesome geo-politics with a strong flair of humor is difficult, but not when you have Arshad Warsi around! Although it’s Salman Shahid who steals the show in terms of performance.

Kabul Express 2

I usually avoid first day first show. I made an exception today, and absolutely no regrets! Fantastic movie!

If ratings matter at all, I’ll give it 4 stars.