Top 5 reasons to buy Musharraf’s memoirs


So, I was thinking about buying Musharraf’s memoirs. But, as I went through the excerpts that have been showing up in different sections of the media for a week now(one of those is in my previous post), I realized it’s not going to be an easy decision.

To make things easier, I decided to list out top 5 reasons to buy the book (Ayeda style).


Top 5 reasons to buy “In the Line of Fire”

5. You want to use it as a piñata.

4. If you like his hair style,take it along to the barber’s.

3. You might wanna keep the book in handy when Musharraf’s representatives “rush into your cave” for negotiations.

2. When you don’t find P.G. Woodhouse amusing enough.

1. Because Bush said so.

What’s your top 5 list?