Mohabbat Zindabad

The media was full of speculations about outcome of the proposed dialogue between India and Pakistan in the recently finished NAM summit. Four days before the summit there was a column by Najam Sethi on Daily Times that suggested the following:

However, precisely for these reasons, it is important for Pakistan and India to continue to move forward rather than slide backwards. General Musharraf could address Indian concerns by offering a cooperative security mechanism, even intelligence sharing on a case-to-case basis. It is important for Pakistan to help Dr Singh do what the latter wants to do: improve relations with Pakistan. Daily Times

Seemed like a BS proposition. I rejected it at that. But then this was indeed what happened in the summit (glory to Najam’s sources!):

After two months of strained relations following the Mumbai train bombings, the prime minister of India and the president of Pakistan issued a joint statement over the weekend, announcing an agreement to work together to combat terrorism. csmonitor

It still seems BS. For starters, check this.

Stockholm syndrome? I’m not sure. Idiotic? probably yes.

The only application to this sharing of intelligence seems to be in narcotics trading. I don’t see how a single iota of intelligence related to terrorism would be shared. Because the definition of terrorism differs as we go from India to Pakistan. Pakistan sees an opportunity in it; an opportunity to push India to talk about the Kashmir issue. Besides I don’t see how India would share intelligence regarding RAW’s operations in Balochistan.

Hogwash or not, it’s good that the talks have started again.

Mohabbat Zindabad!”


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