Mystery of Zahedan

Pakistan has asked Iran to monitor the Indian consulate in the Iranian border city of Zahidan, alleging it was aiding nationalist rebels in the southwest Balochistan province. — Rediff

Islamabad has conveyed its concern to Tehran that the Indian consulate in Zahidan is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan — Dawn

India has 3 consulates in Iran(compare this to the number of consulates in United States — just four). Of course this seems minuscule to the whopping 9 consulates in Afghanistan, but still.

The other two consulates in Iran are located in Tehran and Bander-e-abbas. Tehran is the capital of Iran(duh!). Bander-e-abbas is a historic port city.

Zahedan is interesting. It’s called the city of Poetry and Roses. It has a Sikh temple (should be quite a rarity in Iran) and a famous Sunni mosque that depicts Indian architecture. But of all the reasons, the one that stands out is that Zahedan borders Pakistan. It’s well connected to the Pakistani city of Quetta by bus and train routes. The city is used as an entry point for Shia pilgrims from Pakistan who travel to other parts of Iran. Having an Indian consulate there shouldn’t come as a surprise.


India’s intentions are anyone’s guess. But what about Iran?

The fact that it has turned a blind eye to the Indian consulate’s alleged activities (despite assurances to Pakistan) implies Iran’s complicity in the whole issue. But why?

Would try and explore that in my next post .

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