Preventing the percolation

The presence of Mirror Neurons is the cause of our unconscious behavior to imitate; imitate people with whom we interact on a day to day basis.

A minority community, who’s traditions and culture are supposedly different from the majority, interacts with the majority on a continuous basis. So, assuming the theory of mirror neurons to be correct, the culture and traditions of the majority would slowly percolate into the minority communities.

One of the ways to prevent this would be to minimize this interaction. Is that why we see minority groups living in closely knit communities? Probably.

Individuals are unique. But the above biological fact shows how difficult it is for a community to maintain its uniqueness.

A community, in order to maintain its uniqueness, would have to assert the differences with the majority. It would have to emphasize on what it’s not rather than what it is. This would result in subsequent alienation, followed by insensitivity.

It basically boils down to the community’s quest to preserve its tradition and culture.

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