Politics of chauvinism

Chauvinism is disgusting. Be it ethnic, national, religious or cultural, chauvinism is retrograde, detrimental and divisive.

BJP and other “cultural safe keepers” of India, namely RSS and their kin have launched a nationwide campaign to force people to sing Vande Mataram. Their justification: It’s about paying respect to a national symbol. Muslim leaders have launched their nationwide campaign against the song. Their justification: It’s about blasphemy.

My interpretation: It’s about converting a beautiful song into a farce.

The song was a part of book written by Bankim Chandra in the 1880’s. The beauty of its poetry, and the power of its message inspired thousands of Indians against the British. The song is timeless and boundless. It can be used for any nation at any point of time.

However, written by a Hindu, it has some elements of Hindu culture in it.

People who chose to ignore this fact cherish the song, others abhor it. It should have stopped at that.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop at that.

Personally I believe it would have been better if people had never demanded Vande Mataram to be a national anthem/song. The song would have retained its charm, its respect, and could have done without the blemishes it has suffered now because of the politics of chauvinism played by the two religious communities in India.