Jillunu Oru Kadhal

We Rahman fans wait for his album’s release just like an impoverished farmer waits for the monsoons. This monsoon marked the release of his new Tamil album Jillunu Oru Kadhal (JOK). Don’t ask me what the name means. I don’t understand Tamil, though I would love to learn it sometime.

I can’t explain why, but Rahman seems to tread carefully on his Hindi albums. He usually goes wild in his Tamil albums. Probably Tamil directors give him more freedom.

He brings a lot of fresh new tunes and loops in JOK. There are a total of 7 songs in the album. During the first hearing it appeared as if the album was made in a hurry. But then, one usually appreciates his work after more than one hearing. As they say, his music grows on you.

Machakari and New York Nagaram stand out as the best in the album. Both the songs share a sense of freshness that seems to be lacking in the rest of the songs.

Machakari, a high energy peppy number, starts with a slow jazz tune which slowly metamorphizes into a fast paced sequence of loops and percussions with a dash of arabic tunes. Vasundhara Das and Shankar Mahadevan do the vocals.

New York Nagaram has a surreal feeling to it. It’s a solo number by Rahman himself. The song starts with an unusual vocal loop, and then guitar and percussions take over. Beautifully executed! I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, Rahman usually reserves the best song for himself!

The album may not score much when compared to the best of his works, but is still worth of purchase, just for the two songs that I have described above.

You can hear the album online.

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