Beyond statistics

The quote I posted a few posts ago suggests me to believe that when you die, you don’t go to heaven. Nor do you go to hell, or get reincarnated. You simply become a statistic. And unless you become a part of a statistical figure that’s of an order of a thousand, your death doesn’t count.

However I won’t waste this post on mere statistics. I would like to venture into a territory where people fight for not becoming a statistic.

One such example is an account of a man’s escape from Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion:

First the dollars diminished from P’s dad’s wallet. Then the jewelery went. Then it was the TV, and the VCR, and the music system. But somehow, with one bribe or the other, he progressed towards the border. But he had run out of cash and material goods before the final check point. It was a case of extreme despair, as he sighted the final checkpoint, and Jordan and safety beyond. Would he make it across to safety and his family?

The Iraqi guard pulled him over and looked at him meaningfully. P’s dad shrugged and gestured his helplessness. In the back seat of his car though, there lay P’s beloved Casio electronic keyboard, and something else that was his sister’s favorite toy or electronic item. They were expensive. The guard said he’d take those. But P’s dad couldn’t bear to give those away. Those were his children’s most valuable possessions, and reminded him of them constantly.

Read the complete story here(via desipundit).

I’m sure a lot many Lebanese would be going through the same ordeal. I can only wish them best of luck.