MAS for the masses

MAD, a befitting acronym for Mutually Assured Destruction is a military doctrine used in the cold war that caused adversarial nations to pile up enough nuclear weapons to guarantee destruction of the other. Based on theory of deterrence — exactly the path India and Pakistan are taking right now.

This may have worked in the case of US and erstwhile USSR, but the case of India and Pakistan is different. India and Pakistan are immediate neighbors with a long history of conflict. In our case, there’s a thin line between ‘actual destruction’ and ‘assured destruction’.

What the subcontinent needs is MAS – Mutually Assured Stability. MAS shouldn’t rely on negativity. MAS should be more like a positive reinforcement.

One way to achieve that would be to make the economies of India and Pakistan so much interlinked that any instability in one country causes nervousness about the economy in the other.

People say trade only flourishes during peace. I say trade is needed for peace.