Cracking the censor code

Taking a cautious approach, the government has decided not to give clearance to the screening of the controversial film, the Da Vinci Code, till the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Catholic Church are satisfied the film will not hurt the sensitivity of Christians in the country. Information and Broadcasting Minister P R Dasmunsi told reporters here on Tuesday that he along with members of the Catholic Church, and officials of the I&B ministry and Censor Board would view the movie in camera and only then a decision would be taken about its screening.

DNA – India – India puts Da Vinci Code film on hold – Daily News & Analysis

I think the most jealous person right now would be GW Bush. I mean, his kins would have never wanted a blasphemous movie like Da Vinci Code to be screened in America. He’s already facing the heat. And a country half way across the globe manages to do what he couldn’t.

India is known for considering “religious sensitivities” of some its citizens. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Let me rephrase: “religious sensitivites” of its citizens.

When the Government didn’t intervene in the MF Hussain controversy, I was happy. I was happy because I had a feeling that we were being governed by a relatively liberal adminstration that considered religion to be a personal issue. After all, in order to watch a movie you would have to buy the tickets. Unless you are being forced to watch the movie, your “religious sensitivities” shouldn’t be affected at all. I assumed that the administration was smart enough to get that.

And I’ve no idea how the “representatives of the catholic church” consider themselves to be the representatives of Indian christians. A bunch of people with political aspirations is the best definition. Or may be a group of bored evangelists who were yearning for a career change in to politics.

I presume many film distributors have already dished in a lot of money for this movie’s India release. They have to salvage it somehow. What could they possibly do now? Hmm…perhaps dish in a few more bucks to finance the ruling political party’s election campaigns.

Not very long ago, I got a chance to watch an interview of censor chief Sharmila Tagore, who said that it was a norm for the ruling political party to appoint its ‘agents’ in the censor board. That didn’t make sense to me then. Now it does.[tags]Da Vinci Code, India, Censor, moral police[/tags]


Things might get better, not for Belarus though.