Ideological coercion of the state

Dailytimes, in their (second)editorial, highlight Naseeruddin Shah’s comments on the state of Pakistani theatre and cinema:

The popular Indian actor and intellectual Naseeruddin Shah said in Islamabad on Monday that Pakistani theatre did not reflect the country’s culture and history and that the country’s film industry and theatre “had not done justice to the nation”. He added that if Pakistani theatre wished to define its own identity it must project its historical identity.

The editorial finishes with this line:

What he sees in Pakistan is the beginning of a response to the ideological coercion of the state.

In my opinion, theatres and other art forms, have always been ahead of society. Their techniques of abstraction allows them to speak of contentious issues subconsciously — transmitting the message of change among masses. Constricting art forms constrains any scope for such change.

What I’m interested in knowing is how this “ideological coercion” happened. When did it start, what is its state right now, what does the future hold. *Makes note to revisit this topic*