On obscenity

MidDay, a Mumbai based daily, is carrying a letter sent by “Forum against obscenity”, that is protesting against alleged obscenity being depicted in the newspaper. The newspaper has responded publicly to the same in the form of an article, asking its readers to voice their opinions on the matter.

I liked MidDay’s approach. I hope it retains this transparency while publishing a map of reader’s opinions. That should be interesting.

Obscene — a very subjective word.
Libertarian definition: disgusting to the senses.
Conservative definition: repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical principles.

Since moral or ethical principles change with time, I find the libertarian definition timeless. It’s safe to stick to that. And if MidDay indeed publishes obscene(disgusting) material, that should reflect in its sales. No need for moral police.

(MidDay link courtesy Srikumar)

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