Hard to believe

Cosmetic surgery was practiced as early as 6th century BC , in South Asia. Hard to believe? No? Now beat this: Dentistry was practiced as early as 9000 BC, in South Asia.

dentistryaaAn article published in Nature, documents the analysis of about 4000 dental samples from 225 burials in the Neolithic necropolis at Mehrgarh region of Balochistan in Pakistan. 11 cases showed perforations akin to dental procedures like drilling on tooth.

You say you’re afraid to visit a dentist? Imagine visiting a dentist with tools made out of stone! Without anesthesia!

On a serious note though, it’s sad to see Balochistan, a region that pioneered progress of human civilization, to be ridden with terrorism and anarchy.

The original article costs $30, so I had to rely on a google translation of a press communiqué and this about.com article for images and associated information. If you find better links, please let me know.