Congressional hearing of the Indo-US nuclear deal

Just got hold of the webcast of the Congressional hearing of the Indo-US nuclear deal. The initial testimony by Condi Rice, and the subsequent questioning by senators, is included in this video. It’s a streaming realmedia file (RAM). The stream is about 3 hours long (including the first 23 minutes of the stream that doesn’t contain any transmission).

It was interesting to see the manner of questioning by Senators and the way Condi Rice tries to hard sell the deal.


Majority of the senators were supportive of the deal, barring a few concerns viz. arms race in South Asia. This was surprising, given the fact that the american media has been so critical of this "historic development".

But the exciting part of the hearing was the entry of Senator Barbara Boxer(second pic), who brought to light a DefenseNews article on Indian military links with Iran. Condi however rebuffed the allegation citing the report to be erroneous (more on that).

This may interest political watchdogs in India who were wary about the US enforcing its policies on India viz. Iran. Though there’s no denying that India’s controversial IAEA vote regarding Iran’s referral to the UNSC did help Rice in making a strong case for the deal.

You may also want to read/watch an interesting discussion in NewsHour, which followed the congressional hearing, involving Nick Burns