Death be to excellence – revisited

arjunsingh portraitIf everything goes according to the administration, there would be additional 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes(OBC’s) in addition to 22.5% reservations for SC/ST’s. That brings the total reserved seats to 49.5%. Insanity.

I could have never imagined that Congress party’s desperation to win elections in UP could trigger such an encroachment into our educational institutions. Particularly institutions that are based on meritocracy.

I’m disillusioned. Is there absolutely no say of academicians and students in framing policies that would affect them for years to come? Can the dorky politicians from UP and Bihar — states that are plagued by caste based politics — hijack the nation’s education policies?

But then, the Urban middle class never votes. Why should the government ever care about their aspirations. Fine, let’s throw meritocracy out of the window then.

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