Traffic doomsday

There are 500 cars in US for every 1000 people, while there are 3 for every 1000 in India. India has 3 times the population of US but is 1/3rd the size. Imagine the scenario when there would be 500 cars for every 1000 people in India. Catastrophic! The auto sector posted a growth of over 20% in 2004-2005. Auto companies are already eying lower end segments by introducing cheaper models. While it means more business for them, it’s a signal for impending doomsday of Indian road traffic.


The govt’s new urban transport policy hopefully would address this issue:

The Union Cabinet has given its nod to the National Urban Transport Policy. The policy seeks to discourage use of personal motor vehicles through market mechanisms such as higher fuel taxes, higher parking fees and reduced availability of parking space. According to it, preference in allocation of parking space will be given to public transport vehicles. Further separate lanes will be created for bicycles and pedestrians. For high cost mass transit system, government would encourage setting up of SPVs and offer financial support in the form of equity or one-time viability gap funding. NDTV

What has happened to Bangalore, might just happen to any Indian city!

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