New Section – Asides Besides

If you notice, there’s a new section “Asides Besides” added in the sidebar. This is because I faced a weird problem. I often came across interesting pieces of news which I want to share (Amit Verma calls it “news filtering”), but couldn’t post them on the fly. Partly because of I was busy or I didn’t have any immediate opinions about them at that point of time. As a result, many such interesting news pieces, that could have been archived, got lost.

Fortunately, Matt, the creator of wordpress, had faced a similar problem, and provided a smart solution: Asides. He explains this in his post:

The format of a weblog dictates its writing. There is no getting around this. Ever since my redesign I’ve had these big important titles that—as a writer—are intimidating. Everything I write has to be worthy of its 32-point Dante banner. This was a deliberate to force myself to put more thought and effort into my entries and it has worked; some of my best writing has been since the redesign. It has been stifling as well. To express what I want to express these days I need something more dynamic.

Asides are just like any other post. The only difference is that they don’t show up as “usual posts” in the main blog. Instead, they can be compartmentalized in to a separate location — sidebar section “Asides Besides” in my case. This is in a way better because the main blog would now be some what uncluttered.