Charity begins at home II

“Red Terror” is the obsession of Indian news media nowadays. Many news organizations are carrying in depth investigative reports on the same. NDTV’s investigation claims that naxalites can’t be treated as just another bunch of misguided youth. Misguided youth they are, but the recent acquisition of their training manual reveals the level of sophistication they have achieved.

The manuals translated into Hindi from Telugu by the security forces give a chilling insight into the PLGA’s planning, military skills and motives.

Security experts say such detailed military manuals have rarely been found in Kashmir or even in the militant infested North-East.

“This is very similar to the training of either a jawan or even a JCO. This is a kind of syllabus and these are the subjects covered,” said General (retd) VK Sood, former Army chief.

Not only that, IBN-Live reports that these naxalites have managed to establish a parallel system of governance in the “red corridor” that comprises the most backward regions of the country.

Amid the claims and counter-claims, what is clear is the fact that the Maoist-run Janatana Sarkar has definitely added a new dimension to the violent image of the Naxal movement in the country.

From Bihar to Andhra Pradesh, the Naxals or the Maoists are one party. They have an armed force, which is lethal as seen in Jehanabad.

And the Maoists organised under the Janatana Sarkar have shown that they can govern as well.

Now, what remains to be seen is how the Government of India responds to this challenge posed by the Maoists.

The government obviously has played down this threat in order to cover it’s follies. It’s absolute misgovernance in those areas has led to these problems. But that’s not the point.

What irks me is that whenever a terrorist attack takes place in India, the government takes no time to blame a “foreign hand” (though the local hand is never caught). It blames its neighbors for failing to clamp down on the terror camps that are operating on their soil. Though they can’t be given a clean chit, my question is, what is the govt. doing to clamp down on the naxal camps that are operating on its soil? Well not only camps, but parallel system of governance!

Charity, after all, begins at home.

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