Final blog move

So finally I have my own space. That was inevitable. The journey from to and then to a full version WordPress server spanned around 2.5 years. I moved from to for the sake of categorization, and then from to a personal WordPress server for the sake of customization.

The journey was something like this:>>>> personal wordpress server

You can imagine how many times one would have had to change the blogrolls :P. But now, at least for a year, the move is permanent 😀 (Unless I want to lose my money by canceling the domain)

What I would be writing now is an account of the problems I faced while shifting from to a personal wordpress server. It may sound a bit technical.

Ironically, although WordPress software offers importing posts from other hosts like, MT and Livejournal, there’s no such importer for Hence, I had to sift through gazillions of forums and find a solution.

The solution involved using the RSS importer plugin and importing the RSS feed of my blog. The process was smooth, even the categories were preserved. However, comments couldn’t be imported using that process. So, another workaround was needed. For importing comments I used this script. It worked beautifully, the comments got imported. But the only glitch was that comment count still showed zero for all the posts. And no solution was reported in the wordpress support forum. I tried a bit of hit and trial, and found a work around. Now all the comments are visible and properly counted. I did the following:

1. Manually update the comment_approved field for all the imported comments to unmoderated through a SQL query.

2. Approve all the unmoderated comments from the admin panel.

This can also be achieved by making a slight change in the import script (I wish I had done that before, but I had no way of knowing that beforehand).

The blog move is now successful and official 😀

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