Height of dorkiness

OK, this time not by the Indian media, but by one of the most respected English dailies of Pakistan, The Dawn. Khalid Hasan reports:

One of the “unthinkables” in journalism is to flout an embargo, but that was exactly what two Pakistani newspapers did when they ignored a White House embargo and went ahead with the publication on Thursday of an interview accorded to them by President George Bush on Wednesday afternoon. The two newspapers which violated the embargo imposed by the White House were Dawn and The News. Two Indian newspapers, The Times of India and a Hindi daily, India’s largest, which were also granted an exclusive interview by the president as part of the public relations effort mounted as he gets ready to leave for South Asia, did not publish the interview, as agreed and as laid down by the White House. The White House embargo on the story was to be lifted at 2200 hours on Thursday, no earlier. The jumping of an embargo is considered a serious breach of journalistic ethics and practice. The White House is bound to take a dim view of the violation of a professional understanding by the two Pakistani newspapers and there is little chance of their being accorded such access in future.

Daily Times – Site Edition

Guess who would have been really annoyed had he been alive today


Yes, The Dawn was founded by Jinnah.

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