Yet another colonial hangover

Usage of “my lordship”, “me lord” or “your honor” while addressing judges of Indian courts may be a symbolism of how outdated the Indian laws are, but no one could beat this comic yet hard hitting example: A 1914 rule of Indian Punjab police still considers Lahore, Pakistan as it’s headquarters, and is supposed to report to the same on daily basis. The slimes of India reports:

Punjab Police is violating procedure by not keeping in daily touch with Lahore. Because that’s what the Punjab Police Rules of 1914 stipulate, and the document has remained as it is all these years — unchanged and technically still in force.

Where’s Punjab Police HQ? Lahore!- The Times of India

While the Indian judicial system struggles to move it’s ass in revising old laws and getting over the colonial hangover, poor Punjab police officials have to “officially” violate their own rule. Sad, isn’t it?