True to it’s name?

Every city with a long name has a nickname. Bangalore is known as ‘bangy’, Kolkata as ‘cal’ and so on. Pondicherry is no different — it’s known as ‘pondy’. The only irritant is that ‘pondy’ also happens to be a slang for porn, used extensively by the student community in India. So when an ignorant student from north India types looking for some titilation, all he’s going to get is a website for the Union territory of Pondicherry.

However, it seems Pondicherry’s association with porn/titilation exists at more than one level. A recent investigation by NDTV claims:

For decades Pondicherry has attracted tourists searching for a spiritual experience but now it hosts a very different kind of customer.

Sex tourists are making a beeline for the city. Over the weekend it is impossible to get a room here as clients descend from all over south India and even as far as Mumbai.

Pondicherry is fast turning into a haven of crime. With cheap alcohol available, many head to the city over the weekend and it has become a focal point for the sex trade.

Nude dances by women are completely illegal in India but these clubs end up being centres of prostitution where every year thousands of women are forcibly sold off.

True to it’s nickname eh?