Linux system overhaul

My old linux partition was gathering dust; and so that it doesn’t feel like a sautan, I went on to update it. I upgraded my Ubuntu installation from Hoary to Breezy — took about 3 hours on a T1 connection ( . Ubuntu is a nice debian based distro, but the debian community has been slow in updating their repositories with the latest Firefox; repositories are still stuck with old Firefox 1.0.7. I had to use a backdoor method to get Firefox 1.5 installed and integrated. Firefox 1.5 seems to be running much faster than 1.0.7, although my linux system is well tweaked in other aspects.

Unlike Windows, there are a number of good desktop blogging clients for Linux (most bloggers are geeks eh? P ). GNOME has its own blogging client, although it lacks a spell check — something I could never do without, and lacks support for categories. I’m currently writing this post using BloGTK, which compares with the best, even with the commercially available ones. Do give it a try.