Music Genome Project

The year 2000 saw the completion of the mammoth Human Genome project; in the same year an ambitious Music Genome project (MGP) was launched. Just hike human genomics, MGP seeks to identify basic characteristics that help define the nature of a song. Tom Conrad elaborates:

We believe that your musical preferences are first and foremost derived from the way music sounds. So, to help you find music that sounds like the music you like, we’ve spent the last 5 years working on something we call the Music Genome Project. The Music Genome is a detailed analysis of a century of popular music. We employee a large team of professional musicians who spend their days listening to music one song at a time and “analyzing” the detailed musical characteristics of the song.

We categorize music in to genres; probably this project would explain the characteristics of a particular genre in an objective manner – nice!

So can this project help me discover more music that I like? Yes, they say in the form of newly launched Pandora – a music discovery service. Yahoo music already has similar service, though I’m not sure about the technology they use. AOL uses MGP for their music service.

So go ahead, create your own station and check if the music genome project is worth it. You can check out my station as well D