Second hand impressions on Yahoo mail beta

I stumbled upon a video demo of the much hyped beta upgrade for Yahoo mail:

Video demo
(5mb Quicktime, from Gus Muller’s blog, thru Vincent’s blog)

Yahoo folks are yet to respond to my beta tester’s request. So I don’t have any first hand experiences to write about. However I did manage to find some descriptive reviews(with screenshots). Brad writes:

Gmail is suddenly looking a little clunky. The new Yahoo! Mail is a sleek, finely wrought piece of interface design. The overall look is an Outlook-styled, three-pane window with folders in the left vertical pane, headers top right, and a message preview pane below the headers. Thus, Yahoo! becomes the first major e-mail provider to keep the Inbox in view while reading a message. That alone is news, but it’s not, in my opinion, the biggest news.
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Looking at the screenshots, review and the video, it seems that beta upgrade would lack the most important feature: threaded view. The threaded view, also called as conversation, is a real convenience, as it helps in clubbing messages and responses into one thread, thus reducing the clutter in the inbox. This feature is particularly helpful when you are subscribed to e-groups. In that light I would like to disagree with the reviewer, who finds Gmail’s inbox view “chunky”. Moreover the beta upgrade continues to follow the traditional folder structure, a concept outdated by the newly introduced labels by Gmail. All said, the interface for beta upgrade is indeed clean and attractive. Incidentally, the annoying Yahoo flash ads are absent in the beta upgrade. Hope they stick to that when they go public. I’d write more but I’ve to use the interface first Yahoo folks, you listening?