Death be to excellence

There is a lot of disparity in India. It’s is reflected in every sphere, one them being educational institutions. While many educational institutions are rotting with academic dullness, there are a few institutions like IITs that have time and again proved their worth.

Indian ethos demands equality. So how do our politicians bring about this equality? Instead of trying to uplift troubled educational institutions, they try to bring down the ones that are doing really well. Equality after all — isn’t it?

During my undergrad days, the BJP government had introduced Bharat Shiksha Kosh, that prevented alumni from directly contributing to their alma mater. Instead, the money would go to a centralized fund. The government would then decide where to channelize funds from that pool. Now as an alumni why would I contribute to a central pool, when I’m not sure whether my money is going to reach my alma mater at all! Fortunately this policy was discontinued by the successor Government, otherwise the IITs could have kissed the much needed alumni funds goodbye.

And then we have the Congress Government. No introduction is needed for it’s cheap populist policies that hardly transform into results. A committee setup by the human resource ministry has recommended reservation of minority students in professional institutions like IITs and IIMs. This is despite the fact that already 22.5% reservation is present for SC/ST in IITs.

New Delhi, Nov. 16: A committee set up by the human resource development ministry has recommended reservation for minority students in professional institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

The committee will meet tomorrow to discuss the report. Arjun Singh, who holds the ministry and will preside over the meeting, may find it difficult to ignore the recommendation, though it is likely to spark a huge furore. Improving the status of minority education has been high on Singh’s list of priorities since he took charge of the ministry.

The Telegraph – Calcutta : Frontpage

The original idea of reservations was to counter the cultural bias that existed for the minority communities — which is understandable. But why target professional institutions. There is no bias in IIT selection procedure. Even the prime minister’s son can’t enter an IIT if he doesn’t clear the dreaded IIT-JEE examination. So you can’t really blame the professional institutions for low enrollment of minority students.

The problem lies in the stage before the professional educational level — school and college level education. If you are not able to uplift the standards of minority students at school and college level, you are basically doing more injustice to those students by creating reservations at professional level. This is because ultimately these students would have to compete with brighter students and face the trauma of failing in competition.

But these moron committee members are fucktards. They would never try and understand the root cause. The IITs have been successful because they have been more or less free from political control. Professors over there double up as administrators, thereby creating a spirit of meritocracy. If this spirit of meritocracy is lost, they would become like any other institution plagued by student politics and political interference. The academic community should raise a vocal protest against these dangerous intrusions of cheap politics, lest we lose whatever remaining excellence we have in the field of education.

By the way, the same congress ministry had tried to unconstitutionally make AMU a minority institution. Fortunately the court intervened and justice prevailed. These moron politicians!



I stumbled upon a related article published in Times of India(TOI) titled Inshallah! Muslim quotas in IITs and IIMs.”

I’m still not able to figure out why ToI believes the commission was particularly referring to muslims. It was a general comment after all. If you read the article, you’d realize how the journalist has tried to stich separate and unrelated comments by the NMCME into one article, and gives it a title which is actually a misnomer. At least the journalist should have tried to deduce something in order to have coherence with the article title. Yellow journalism at its peak! I’m going to file this post in the dork media category as well.

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