IIPM controversy featured on Google Current

The IIPM controversy has been featured on Google Current. For those who are not aware of Google Current yet, quoting from Google’s blog:

Today marks the launch of Current TV, which will let television viewers (like you, for example) broadcast their own videos to the world. Amidst this content contributed by viewers, Current TV produces segments which use Google Zeitgeist data to highlight trends in what people search for using Google. Ever wonder what the most popular searches are for animals? The answers may surprise you (liger, anyone?) Jointly created by teams at both companies, these Zeitgeist segments are aptly named Google Current.

Official Google Blog: Lights, camera, action

The feature mentions the role of JAM magazine and Indian bloggers — including Gaurav Sabnis — in bringing the scam to spotlight.
Skip 2:00 minutes of the following video to see the feature.

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(Source: Google Video)