Grow up ToI

The post count in Dork Media category keeps on growing. All thanks to Times of India(TOI). I fail to understand why, of numerous media houses in India, only ToI seems to have this special affinity(read animosity) for bloggers? It’s as if bloggers are some guerilla warfare groups that need to be tamed. ToI’s undercover sting operation in a bloggers meet, followed by intellectually dishonest coverage of the same, seems to be quite icky.

It’s true, ToI is the most bashed newspaper, not just among bloggers, but among the larger urban readership as well. This is only because of deteriorating standards of their articles. ToI articles look like punk teenager rants when compared to articles from Indian Express or NDTV. Nevertheless, it does enjoy a good readership, but so do porn magazines.

ToI people, you need to grow up. You don’t need to feel insecure. Just focus on quality, and you’d regain your past glory. And please don’t employ journalists who enjoy escapades from journalism.

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